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Haru in the Garden

March 23rd & 24th, 2024

Haru in the Garden - the Heart of Spring


March 23rd & 24th 10am - 4pm

(last admission at 3:30 pm)

"Haru in the Garden" is our annual spring event celebrating the rich culture of Japan. Walk alongour paths showcasing cultural decor and festivities and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japan in the Spring

This year, or theme is "Haruno Kokoro" meaning “the heart of Spring.” It encapsulates the essence or spirit of springtime, which include themes of renewal, rejuvenation, vitality, and the beauty of nature awakening after a long winter.


From musical performances to stunning displays to exclusive offerings within our tea garden, the event offers a range of activities that embody the spirit of spring. Join us to experience the beauty of the season. 

Haru Admission:

General $20/  $22 at Gate

Youth 6-17: $18 / $20 at Gate

Member $15 / $17 at Gate

Please note that there is no general admission on March 23rd & 24th. General admission is included with event ticket purchase.

What to Expect


As you stroll down our Garden paths, you'll be transported to a world of beauty and tradition, as you take in the stunning displays of hanami (flower-viewing). As the garden reaches full bloom, our grounds will be covered in pastel flowers and beautiful cultural displays that capture the essence of springtime in Japan.

The Garden will also be providing numerous performances throughout the day ranging from kimono display and demonstrations, to musical performances from a wide variety of artists.

A private concert and tea service will also be available for to enjoy (additional ticketing required).   Learn more

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To further enhance your experience, there will also be various food and Japanese goods vendors throughout the Garden, to give you a true taste of Japan. Enjoy Mochi Donuts, Kakigori, and Okonomiyaki as you enjoy your visit. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese Spring festivities and discover the beauty and culture of Japan in the Sonoran Desert.   

Event Schedule
 Enjoy demonstrations throughout the day! All included with admission.


Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th

10:30 am - Paper Prayer - Film Screening by Carolyn Robertson 

Screening of the Film Paper Prayer from Carolyn Robertson.

11:30 am -  A Kimono Journey  -  Kimono lecture and Demo by Keiko Onaka

Keiko Onaka is a Kimono dresser.  She was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan before moving to Arizona. She has loved kimono since she was young, and learned how to wear kimono from Mrs. Kimiko Shigeyoshi in Japan.

12:30 pm - Hakushika Sake Lecture by Kaori Sugiyama 

Since 1662, the Hakushika brand represents good taste, quality and a sense of tradition. Learn all about their famous sake and its history during this lecture!

1:00 pm - Folk Music by Kat McDowell

Enjoy a live performance of folk music from Japanese singer-songwriter, Kat McDowell.

2:00 pm - Live Performance by Ted Niko and Friends

Enjoy the traditional sounds of the niko, a Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument, by Ted Niko and company. 


3:00 pm - Live Performance by Fushicho Daiko

Fushicho Daiko strives to share the art form of Japanese Taiko drumming with the people of Phoenix, Arizona, the US southwest and the world. Founded in 1992, Fushicho Daiko is Arizona's longest running public Taiko dojo. With over 80 students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, they are also one of the largest dojos in North America.


Junko Horton - Kimono For You

Ping Wei - Pottery and Ikebana Artist

Calligraphy Art by Tomomi Ishiko

Coronado Waterlilies

Biophilia Herbal Tea

Himeji Sister City Booth

Through Each Others' Eyes

Haiku Booth

Rohoen Market 

 Pop-up Rohoen Market with Japanese gifts, snacks, drinks and more! 

Food Vendors

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Tea House Bundle Tickets
These bundle tickets include tickets to Haru as well as a special exhibit inside our Tea House!
thumbnail_Kihara-Koto player-3.jpg

Get the opportunity to view the roji decorated for spring, as well as inside the tea house where a private musical performance will be taking place.

Bundle tickets will include a koto performance, a tea service provided by staff, as well as a tea garden and echibit tour led by our docents.

Tea House Bundle Admission:

General $65

Member $60

We hope to see you at our annual event, March 23rd & 24th, 2024!
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