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Stay on the path

Please do not walk on the grass or sit on the stones. Japanese gardens are not like parks which serve as recreational play areas but instead are meant for the guest to slowly observe and enjoy.


No outside food and drink

The Garden does not allow outside food and drink, except for water. If guests would like to enjoy a picnic, we encourage them to utilize the space next door at Margaret T. Hance Park.


No weapons

Prohibited weapons include any form of weapon or explosive restricted under local, state, or federal law.  This includes all firearms, illegal knives, BB and pellet guns, martial arts weapons, hunting bows and arrows, fireworks, ammunition, and any other device that may be used as a firearm or other weapons covered by the law.   

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No luggage

The Garden does not have coat-check facilities and does not accept luggage or store personal items. JFG reserves the right to inspect all bags and to report, relocate, or dispose of any unattended object or bag as we consider appropriate. Strollers are allowed throughout the Garden grounds.

Limited photography

If you are visiting the Garden with the intent of using the Garden as a backdrop for your photos for any occasion, with any type of camera including smartphones, you must book a photoshoot after hours in advance.


For more information read our detailed photo policy below.


No pets

Pets are not allowed in the Garden. Service animals are allowed. The state of Arizona does not recognize emotional support animals (ESAs) as service animals under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).


No smoking / vaping

Smoking is defined as the "act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smoldering cigar, cigarette or pipe of any kind." Vaping refers to the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems or electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-hookahs, and e-cigars.

Be here

Walking into a Japanese garden is like stepping out of reality and into an enchanting, three-dimensional painting. The goal is not to be entertained but rather to experience the natural world around you. A design style called Miegakure is used in Japanese stroll gardens which doesn't show the whole Garden at once, but rather hides intentionally hidden views around bends that reveal themselves as you journey through. This means that taking your time, looking at different angles, and repeating the loop will all help you to enjoy the space as it was intended. If you think of the Garden as a living art form you will begin to take in the textures, shapes, colors, and compositions that you may otherwise miss. Please help keep the Garden relaxing for everyone by respecting the tranquility and keeping the peace as you go.


Garden Guidelines & Photo Policy

While you are here, we ask that you please follow these Garden Guidelines to enhance your experience and protect the tranquility and purpose of the Garden for all. Thank you!

Photo Policy

If you are visiting the Garden with the intent of using the garden as a backdrop for a professional, amateur, special occasion, or posed photography session you must reserve a photo shoot in advance.


Posed photography is defined as any photographer (amateur or professional) that gathers a group together for a photo and/or poses individuals for Wedding, Engagement, Family/Kid Pictures, Portraits, Graduation/Senior Pictures, Fashion, Athletic, Business, Product Endorsement, Prom, Quinceañera, Maternity, Head-shots, Website Use/Blog Posts, Student Projects, etc.


It is irrelevant if the camera and/or the photographer are professional or not. This policy includes photos taken with, but is not limited to, cell phones, SLR/DSLR cameras, instant cameras like Polaroids, video cameras, action cameras like GoPro's, selfie sticks, disposable cameras, etc.


Please be aware there is a zero-tolerance drone policy implemented by the City of Phoenix.

We recognize that people like to take pictures, and everyone has a high-quality camera in his/her pocket nowadays. We love seeing guests tag us on social media (@jfgphx); however, anything with props, costume changes, etc. will be flagged by staff.

The Garden reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any activity.  

Please see the following examples so everyone can enjoy our serene Japanese Garden.


  • Checking in on social media:

    • Posting pictures of the Garden and its beautiful features. 

    • How about a selfie as well? Go for it! Just don’t drop your phone in the pond. 

    • Tag us on FB and Instagram @JFGPHX

  • Taking a quick, candid picture of the Garden, for example, the koi or a group shot of your family and friends to commemorate a visit.

  • Taking pictures of a special exhibit or display, for example:

    • Bonsai exhibit in November

    • Otsukimi décor in October

    • Haru performers in March

  • Taking close up pictures of a few favorite plants or flowers (following the Garden’s rules and etiquette at all times

Not allowed  

Please come back after you book your private photo shoot.


  • Tripods or additional photographic equipment are not permitted when the Garden is open to the public. 

  • Giving directions for poses

       (e.g. “Good, Now turn your head more to the right.”)

  • Entering the Garden with costumes or formal wear (graduation, wedding, quinceañera, etc.) for an unscheduled photoshoot

  • Changing clothes, styling hair, changing makeup,  in any part of the Garden, including restrooms

  • Going off the path, blocking the path, or entering restricted/closed off areas

  • Climbing on anything (boulders, trees, benches, etc.)

  • Benches, plants, and signage may not be moved or altered. 

  • Asking staff, gardeners, or guests to move out of your shot, especially during Garden events/workshops or set-ups

  • Disrupting the tranquility of the Garden

  • Assignments for a photography class 

  • Commercial photography or videography

  • No props (e.g. confetti, signs, baskets, bouquets, etc.)








Still not sure?  Please limit yourself to the examples on the left. 


All guests, including those in scheduled photography sessions, must follow our Garden’s rules and etiquette. The Garden reserves the right to ask a visitor to leave for inappropriate or offensive behavior. Visitors will be held liable for any damage to the Garden property.


Have further questions? Please contact our Rentals Team at (602) 274-8700 ext. 103.

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