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Let's Go to Tanabata!


July 7th & 8th, 2023

Let's Go to Tanabata!
Supported by the Japan Foundation


July 7th & 8th 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm

(last admission at 8:00 pm)

Celebrate Japan’s Star festival by attending a Summer matsuri right out of your favorite anime! 

Dress in traditional attire such as a kimono, yukata, or even opt for a light cosplay,* and delve into the vibrant atmosphere of a real nighttime Japanese Summer festival! 

Explore the lively corridors adorned with colorful lanterns, bustling with an array of vendors offering delectable food, refreshing shaved ice, and unique merchandise.  

*If wearing cosplay, please refrain from bringing props and keep your outfit family friendly.

General $15 / $17 at Gate

Youth 7-17: $13 / $15 at Gate

Under 7: Free

Member $10 / $12 at Gate


The first 50 guests each night will get a complimentary special edition uchiwa and light stick!


What to Expect


Our festival will specifically celebrate Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, a cherished tradition in Japan for centuries. Typically observed on July 7th, this special day allows the two lovers from the renowned Tanabata myth to reunite by crossing the Milky Way.


To honor this occasion, people write their wishes on small pieces of paper called tanzaku, which are then hung on bamboo branches in hopes that their desires will be granted. Join us in partaking in this activity, and make your wish come true. 

You can also immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of taiko drums and partake in the captivating movements of bon dances, another Japanese Summer tradition. Join us in learning this traditional dance as we all gather around the taiko!


To cater to the interests of all Japanese cultural enthusiasts, we have curated our celebration to encompass all things J-pop culture!  Experience the thrill of anime culture with dedicated vendors selling homemade wares and officially licensed merch alike!

You can even take kawaii pictures in maid cafe photobooths with Sumuji Cafe, buy gachapon (capsule toys) from Gachax2,  and even learn otaku light stick dances (wotagei).  There is something new for everyone to experience from longtime anime fans to newcomers!


Come and embrace the excitement of Japan's Star Festival in our Summer matsuri, where ancient traditions and contemporary interests intertwine, capturing the essence of modern Japan! 

Event Schedule
 Enjoy demonstrations throughout the day! All are included with admission.


Yo-yo Fishing

Partake in this classic matsuri activity!

Origami / Coloring

Enjoy making kawaii origami lead by our volunteer experts!


Tanabata Wish

Write your wish on tanzaku paper and hang it on our bamboo trees to make your wish come true.


Subject to Change*

July 7th & 8th

4:30 pm - Taiko Welcome Performance 

Kickstart the evening at the front entrance with the sound of booming taiko!

5:15 pm - Pikachu Parade!

Join dancing Pikachu on parade through the Garden.

5:30 pm - Kawaba Beer Presentation

Learn about Japanese beer crafting and tasting straight from the source, Kawaba beer!

6:00 pm - Sumuji Wotagei Dance!

Join Sumuji Cafe dancers for an upbeat performance where you learn wotagei (otaku light stick dance) to support them. Be sure to arrive early to get your complimentary lightstick, or bring your own!

7:00 pm - Kawaba Beer Presentation

Learn about Japanese beer crafting and tasting straight from the source, Kawaba beer!

7:30 pm - Taiko Performance and Bon Dance

Join us for a traditional taiko performance celebrating Obon, a Summer Japanese holiday. Guests will get to not only listen to the performance, but join in on the bon dance as we all dance around the taiko!

8:15 pm - Pikachu Parade!

Join dancing Pikachu on parade through the Garden.


Samurai Comics

Get your fill of comics and anime merch from this local Phoenix staple! 

Rohoen Market 

Pop-up Rohoen Market with Japanese gifts, snacks, drinks and more! 

Sumuji Cafe

Arizona's signature maid café experience! Join in on the fun with their maids and butlers!


Find your new obsession with hundreds of fun capsule toys, straight from Japan!

Ganbatte Popup

Learn more about Ganbatte MiniCon, an exciting anime event being held at Glendale Civic Center July 22nd!

Strawberry Mart

This artist collective consisting of Pink.hue and YumePop aims to bring kawaii anime inspired merchandise to your home or office!

Kopi Mart

Apparel and car accessories for your anime lifestyle!


An artist with a unique aesthetic inspired by your favorite video games!

Food Vendors

And many more coming soon!

We hope to see you at our next exciting event, July 7th & 8th, 2023!
A Special Thank You to Our Supporters:
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