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Samurai Night 2023: a Children's Day Celebration

May 5th, 2023

Samurai Night 2023


May 5th, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

In honor of Children’s Day in Japan, join us on Friday, May 5th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm for an interactive samurai show, performed by Burai Productions, a renowned Japanese Entertainment Group based in California, featuring talented stuntspeople and actors from some of your favorite movies and TV shows like Bullet Train, the Last Samurai, Mortal Kombat, Austin Powers,  Terrace House, and more!  

This year, we will be including a variety of performances that make for an exciting evening for the whole family! 


Experience Japanese cultural traditions up close as you learn the basic movements, sword handling, and manner of speaking that define the samurai way from experienced Samurai. You'll even get to engage in a sword fight performance, just like in your favorite samurai movies! But don't worry - paper "swords" will be provided for safety.


Guests will also get to experience a variety of other performances ranging from Japanese children’s dance, martial arts, and more to make for a robust evening of Japanese culture! 


Displays of Samurai helmets and armor and dolls of legendary heroes and warriors will also be on display for viewing, much like they are in Japan during Children's Day celebrations. 

General $30 / Members $25

Children $25 / Members $20

Garden Admission is included with your purchase, so please enjoy our garden before or after the performance.

About Burai Productions

Burai Productions is a Japanese entertainment group based in California. They have been providing interactive samurai shows at various events since 2016, including Anaheim Japan Fair, Long Beach Japan Fair, LANSCA 60th Anniversary Special Event, Nisei Obon Festival, Nisei Week Fashion Show, and many more. They offer an opportunity to learn about Japanese cultural traditions and experience basic samurai movements, sword handling, and manner of speaking. The sword fight performance is challenging, and paper "swords" are provided for practice.  


Mr. Masa Kanome 

Masa was born and raised in Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan. At the age of 17, he moved to Olympia, Washington state to pursue his career in tennis not knowing any English. After a few years of intense training, he decided to take a break from playing tennis and started focusing on learning the language. After graduating from college In Olympia, he took his learning journey to a next level at University of Arizona where he mastered how to party as well! 😊 Now 2 decades in Hollywood, he enjoys acting and leading Burai Productions. Who would’ve thought of swinging a sword instead of a tennis racket back then! He is the living samurai! 

Credited: Call of Duty: World at War, What About Brian, Dream Corp LLC, Just Roll with It, Hit-Monkey, Cars on the Road, Austin Powers in Goldmember

Mr. Tadahiro Nakamura  

Nakamura has been performing Japanese Samurai Sword Fighting since he was an action stunt school student in Tokyo, Japan.  He had many opportunities to experience as stuntman. He has participated in many Japanese and American films. 

Credited: Power Rangers, Lost, Mortal Kombat, Iron Fist, NCIS: Los Angeles, Westworld, The Last Samurai, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Pineapple Express, Kong: Skull Island, Bullet Train


Mr. Taishi Tamaki 

Taishi Tamaki started his acting career in 2013 and mainly focused on-stage performances in Japan. In 2015, he took a leap of faith and moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams. Shortly after, He was cast on the Japanese reality TV show, "Terrace House Aloha State". Currently, he is continuing to hone his craft as an actor in Hollywood while also performing samurai sword fighting as a member of the Burai team. He also has a personal YouTube channel where He shares his weekly routine in Hollywood.

Credited: Terrace House: Hawaii

Ms. Yuwi Kim 

Yuwi started her acting career in 2017.  She joined Burai production in 2018 where she began honing her Japanese swordfighting skills.  She has worked on multiple live shows and productions ranging from short films to full-length theatre.  You can catch her most recent short film Yae: The Blind Samurai Woman, alongside her Burai members.

Credited: Yae: The Blind Samurai Woman, The Music Box, Desperation

Event Schedule

4:30 pm: Gates Open

Guests can enjoy the garden, or purchase snacks and drinks before the performance.

5:30 pm: Nakayoshi Kids Club dance

Enjoy a super heartwarming performance from the Nakayoshi club!

6:00 pm: Samurai Performance and Lecture 

Enjoy the main performances from our visiting guests. 

6:40 pm: Intermission 

Guests can enjoy the garden, or purchase snacks and drinks before the next performance. 

6:50 pm: Aikido Presentation

All about aikido, by Arizona Aikido.

7:00 pm: Presentation of Samurai Armor and Weapons 


7:10 pm: Samurai performance and Lecture Continued

Enjoy the main performances from our visiting guests. 

8:30 pm: Gates Closed 

We hope to see you at our Samurai Night May 5th, 2023!
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