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Art & Sake - Prelude Celebration

February 22nd, 2024

Art & Sake - Prelude Celebration


February 22nd 5:30pm-7:30pm

(Performance starts at 6pm)

Join us for the next exciting event in our Art & Sake series, where we showcase various Japanese artists paired with unique Japanese sake varieties for our guests to savor. 


Immerse yourself in an evening of traditional Japanese culture, featuring Chieko Kojima, a traditional Japanese taiko drummer, dancer, and distinguished member of Kodo. In collaboration with Arizona Matsuri's 40th Anniversary, this event serves as an exhilarating Prelude Celebration, bringing together Phoenix's vibrant Taiko Community for a culturally enriching experience. 


Art & Sake Admission:

General $35

Member $30 

What to Expect


Experience the captivating performances of Chieko Kojima, including "Hana Hachijo," "Nishimonai," and a variety of other pieces, enriched by collaborations with Ken Koshio and Kenzoo.  The opening performance will be presented by Fushicho Daiko, Arizona's longest-running Taiko Studio, celebrating 32 years of performances and education, with strong connections to Taiko dojos in Japan. 

Enjoy a variety of unique and delicious sake samplings, both hot and cold, at our Rohoen bar. Snacks, sweets. and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.


We invite our guests to bring a blanket or mat, along with anything else you may need to maximize your comfort if you choose to sit on the ground during the performance. Chairs are also available for those who prefer seated viewing. Join us for an unforgettable evening of Japanese artistry and delicious sake. Kanpai! 

Event Schedule
Take a closer look at our program (subject to change)


5pm: Gates Open

Enjoy delicious sake before finding a comfortable place to enjoy the performance, or enjoy the Garden at sunset. 

6pm: Performances begin

Performances by Chieko Kojima, ken Koshio & Kenzoo, and Fushicho Daiko. More details coming soon.

includes a 15 minute intermission.

8pm: Gates Closed

After the performances conclude, end the evening with a stroll through the Garden before the gates close.

About Our Performers


Chieko Kojima

Chieko Kojima, a founding member of Kodo since 1981, initially discovered Japanese folk dancing on Sado Island in 1976. Beyond her contributions to Kodo, she has a vibrant solo career with projects like "Yukiai," collaborating globally. Renowned for her distinctive dancing style, particularly portraying the goddess Ameno-uzume in "Amaterasu" (2006), Kojima became a Kodo Distinguished Member in 2012. As a Japan Cultural Envoy in 2012, she traveled to Europe. Kojima, director of "Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island" for four years, explores diverse expressive forms, as seen in her productions like "Tales of Dojoji." Her first photo book, "Kasane no Kiyohime Monogatari," was released in 2015. Actively sharing her expertise globally, she teaches the signature piece "Hana Hachijo," a fusion of dance and taiko. Commemorating her 40th career anniversary in 2019, "Kodo Sen no Mai" showcased her talent. In 2021, Kojima directed the Kodo 40th Anniversary Special Event "Toki no Yui Ne."

Ken Koshio & Kenzoo

Ken Koshio was born in Japan and has been traveling around the world as a singer and musician. Currently based in Phoenix, he creates fusion music with Native American artists and acts as a cultural ambassador of Japan and a cultural bridge of the world. Kenzoo is comprised of additional members John Paul Mendes, who has been performing Taiko for over a decade,  and Miro Koshio, fue and taiko performer who has been performing since he was young in both Japan and the US.

thumbnail_PHX Matsuri 2018-141_DxO.jpg

Fushicho Daiko

Fushicho Daiko strives to share the art form of Japanese Taiko drumming with the people of Phoenix, Arizona, the US southwest and the world. Founded in 1992, Fushicho Daiko is Arizona's longest running public Taiko dojo. With over 80 students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, they are also one of the largest dojos in North America.

We hope to see you at our next event, February 22nd, 2024!
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