Garden Workshop/Classes

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Saturday, November 9

10 am - 12 pm


$30 General

$25 Member

Includes Garden Admission 

Niwaki Part 1 - Pine Pruning  

Niwaki: A pine pruning workshop with Ben Schrepf, garden curator on Saturday, November 9, 2019. 

Ben has trained in Japan, is an apprentice of John Powell and has pruned pines in Japanese gardens throughout the country. Join Ben to begin to learn this 1000-year-old art passed down through the generations. The workshop will begin with basic pine botany and horticultural care as well as pruning grammar and definitions followed by a trip into the garden to see Ro Ho En's recently pruned pines. 


We will conclude with a pruning demonstration and some hands-on practice for workshop attendees. Appropriate varieties for our climate will also be discussed along with how to site ornamental pines in a home or garden landscape. Bring hasami, garden snips or pruners if possible. Please join us!

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Saturday, February

10 am - 12 pm

Cancelled due to NAGJA workshop


$30 General

$25 Member

Includes Garden Admission 


Niwaki Part 2 - Shrubs & Hedges

The literal meaning of Tamamono in Japanese is “round thing,” but as a garden term it refers to shrubs that are shaped in a semi-spherical way, like the azaleas shown in the photograph here. Tamamono are typically shaped with a set of shears and/or with hand-snips. Best results are produced this way and not with electric shears.

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Saturday, April TBA

10 am - 12 pm


$35 General

$30 Member

Includes Garden Admission 

Coming Soon!


Craft project included

Please bring hasami, garden clippers, or scissors 


Japan has a long tradition of incorporating bamboo in its landscapes and the elegance and utility of bamboo has been recognized for centuries.

The traditional Japanese garden is the perfect place to appreciate bamboos elegance and perfection. Indeed, Bamboo is an essential element of Any Eastern-style garden.


Bamboo acquired a bad reputation as being invasive. However, with the proper care and maintenance you will treasure it in your landscape as an elegant specimen plant or as a small grove, appreciate the many different and beautiful textures available, hear the wind rattle the canes and rustle the luxurious leaves and marvel at the variety of colors and forms available. 

As part of this workshop we will show you how to select, plant and care for your bamboo. By examining our 7 different varieties you will get a better understanding of the enormous choice in bamboos. We will also demonstrate how you can work with this versatile material to make small craft you can take home.

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